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a LIGHT FOAM VEHICLE towards...Near Zero Fatality Goal.

The approach
NTUA's approach, towards a Near Zero Fatality (NEZEF) vehicle, tries to take a broader view of the circulation conditions, of a great urban area. It also tries to attribute the passive safety property not to the small city car by itself, but rather to the system of the potential counterparts involved in a city car accident.

Ultra Light Foam Vehicle Towards The NEZEF Goal

We set about the design and the construction of a model of

a small, ultra light city car (350 Kg),

composed of a frame to provide a passenger compartment of comparable rigidity with other city cars, padded, externally and internally, with energy absorbing foams. 

This vehicle would have specifications

to be safe in any possible accident configuration between itself and

a) a non deformable barrier
b) a similar city car

To Minimize accidents to

c) a cyclist
d) a pedestrian

We have called this type of city car

"Ultra Light NEZEF Foam Car".

The vision towards ''Near Zero Fatality'' for vehicles requires to ask the simple question, if it is technically feasible, to construct a vehicle with priority to zero injury.

In other words: what is possibly achievable from the point of view of Passive Safety and Active Safety Technology towards ''A Near Zero Fatality Vehicle".

A first attempt perhaps could consider vehicles suitable for "Cities''

Of course in order to address the above question we need the involvement and inspiration of a great number of researchers willing to contribute towards this goal, and of course the funding of research projects and conferences, with the above thematic.

We would be pleased if people expressed interest... 




Research group and Prof.
Dr V. Kefalas

Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.
Section of Mechanics
Laboratory for Testing Materials
H. Polytechniou 5,
Zografos Athens, GREECE

Nezef on move..... 
See real time video of the NEZEF vehicle.

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